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Bates Connecting R and PostgreSQL using DBI by Sameer Kumar Prayaga, mentored gratis chat masterbating by Dirk Eddelbuettel Rockbox Homepage: ckbox.
Org/ Preferred en rigtig sex match site License: Mozilla Public License.1 (MPL) Projects Dehydra for Mingw by Bo Yang, mentored by Benjamin Smedberg Automation of litmus tests by converting them to mochitests and xpcshell tests by Anoop Wilbur Saldanha, mentored by Shawn David Wilsher Powerful search engine for sumo.
Yergler Comprehensive C Archive Network (ccan) Homepage: http ccan.By Nicholas Dudfield, mentored by Rene Dudfield Performance Improvements for 2to3 Tool by Nicholas W Edds, mentored by Collin Winter Markdown improvments by Artem Yunusov, mentored by Yuri Takhteyev DrProject web administration interface by Qiyu Zhu, mentored by Blake Winton The Jython compiler by Tobias.By Marcin Wojdyr, mentored by Vadim Zeitlin Adding wxWallCtrl to wxWidgets by Mokhtar.Org/ Preferred License: GNU General Public License (GPL) Projects F-Spot: Sidebar improvements by Ruben Vermeersch, mentored by Stephane Delcroix Google Reader Integration with Liferea by Arnold Joseph Noronha, mentored by Lars Lindner Add Mobile Device Synchronization to Conduit Using SyncML by John Ross Stowers, mentored.Org/ Preferred License: GNU General Public License (GPL) Projects Extending Bootchart to support SystemTap by Komaragiri satya, mentored by Teo Han Hui, Eugene Extending Fedora Unified Network Controller (Func).C, a standalone parser/pretty printer library for C99 by Benedikt Huber, mentored by Iavor.UI Code generation for ArgoUML property panels by Christian Lopez Espinola, mentored by Robert James Tarling.Org Preferred License: GNU General Public License (GPL) Projects Unify by Luis Francisco Araujo Camarillo, mentored by Lance James Albertson Code Dependency Analysis by Kurt H Maier, mentored by Jeff Sheltren Open Security Foundation (osvdb) Homepage: http www.By Jan Urbański, mentored by Heikki Linnakangas pgScript - Scripting language for pgAdmin by Mickael Deloison, mentored by Magnus Hagander improving performance of hash index by Xiao Meng mentored by Jonah.Diatchki Cabal 'make-like' dependency framework by Andrea Vezzosi, mentored by Duncan Coutts #1560 Efficient maps using generalised tries by Jamie Brandon, mentored by Adrian Charles Hey Data parallel physics engine by Roman Cheplyaka, mentored by Manuel hakravarty Mercurial (a project of the Software Freedom Conservancy).
By Janandith Uditha Jayawardena, mentored by Bertrand Delacretaz Cocoon block migration and development of new examples by Lukas Fridolin Lang, mentored by Reinhard Poetz Axis2/C CGI application by Nikola Tankovic, mentored by Nandika Jayawardana derby-testandfix/Convert Derby tests to JUnit and fix liderlige piger knaster Derby bugs by Junjie.
Tharindu Mathew, mentored by Alexei.
By Gopala Krishna A, mentored by Jonathan Riddell A content fetching plugin for KGet by Ningyu Shi, mentored by Anthony Livingston Bryan Implementation of NX technology in krdc by Gross David, mentored by George Wright Jingle video and voice chat in Kopete.
Daniels Ontology support for Java Swarm by Pavel Vinogradov, mentored by Marcus.
Http connections and hundreds of thousands of simultaneous web socket connections.
Eugster lme4: Adaptive Gauss-Hermite quadrature method for mixed-effects models by Bin Dai, mentored by Douglas.
Org/ Preferred License: GNU General Public License (GPL) Projects Porting EFL and FBRreader to OpenInkpot by Alexander Kerner, mentored by Mikhail Gusarov Cybook Gen3 Port by Ondřej Herman, mentored by Yauhen Kharuzhy Port OpenInkpot to support Sony PRS-505 by Wenjie Zhang, mentored by Yauhen Kharuzhy.The Mobile Web Server components include a gateway application that runs on a computer with Internet access and a connector application, that runs on the remote mobile device.By Charles Francis, mentored by Rick Riolo spoc Creation and Extension by Andrea Jones-Rooy, mentored by Scott E Page T-faces: Tools for Analysis of Computational Experiments by James Somers, mentored by Rick Riolo Developing Statistical Tools for Agent-Based Models by Jonathan Zelner, mentored by Scott.Löwis NumPy test framework enhancement by Alan McIntyre, mentored by Kenneth Jarrod Millman Supporting Python.5 features in PyPy by Bruno Gola, mentored by Carl Friedrich Bolz 3D Manipulation of Objects Using the Wii Remote.Miyuru Daminda Wanninayaka, mentored by Ravith Botejue Disaster Preparedness Module by chamara caldera, mentored by Ravindra De Silva Sakai Foundation and IMS Global Learning Consortium Homepage: kaiproject.Org Preferred License: GNU General Public License (GPL) Projects Better Unicode compliance in TeX by Arthur Reutenauer, mentored by Eric Muller Development of TeXShow for ConTeXt and other TeX flavours by Mojca Miklavec, mentored by Taco Hoekwater Online TeX editor using ajax and MathTran; improve.Org Preferred License: GNU General Public License (GPL) Projects Tagging of gimp Resources by Aurimas Juska, mentored by Sven Neumann Improving the text-tool in gimp by Daniel Eddeland, mentored by William Skaggs Enhance Python Scripting Interface Experience by Lars-Peter Clausen, mentored by João Sebastião.By Eric Thibodeau, mentored by Donnie Berkholz "Automate It All" by Nirbheek Chauhan, mentored by Stephen Anthony Klimaszewski Implement OpenPAM compatible modules for Linux.Pros, cons, with eMule its easy to share a wide selection of file types and download some some extremely rare files, while it filters corrupt Web files.Org Preferred License: GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (lgpl) Projects QuicktimeMP4Muxer by Thiago Sousa Santos, mentored by Wim Taymans PiTiVi Open-Source Video Editor by Brandon J Lewis, mentored by Edward Hervey Farsight 2: Plugins for proprietary IM protocols (MSN) by Richard Spiers, Preferred License: Zope Public License Projects Improved replication for zodb through ZEO Raid by Dirceu Pereira Tiegs, mentored by Christian Theune ocql a Query Language for zodb (Phase 0) by Charith Lakshitha Paranaliyanage, mentored by Gröszer Ádám Grok: Introspector and other things on the.Shead File import/export plugins by Carlos Andres Dominguez Caballero, mentored by Joaquin Duo KDE Homepage: http www.By Krzysztof Adamski, mentored by Michael DeHaan Func / Network Automation by Denis Kurov, mentored by Adrian Likins Media asset types for Guvnor in JBoss Rules by Anton Arhipov, mentored by Mark Proctor Transifex : Usability and Efficiency Enhancements by Diego Búrigo Zacarão, mentored.Jetty is written in, java and its.

Org Preferred License: Boost Software License.0 Projects digital searching: proposal TO implement trie, suffix tree, ternary search tree, directed acyclic word graphs AND patricia tries by Chintan Rao H, mentored by Rene Rivera yaml archives for rialization by Esteban Fernandez Gonzalez, mentored by Jose.
Org Preferred License: GNU Library or Lesser General Public License (lgpl) Projects Enhanced Server Listing for BZFlag by David Sanders, mentored by Joseph Van Overberghe BZAuthd - the global authentication daemon by Istvan Szakats, mentored by David Wollner Collision code modularization and transfer to server.
By Matthew Steven Ackerman, mentored by Peter.