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(inf), störts dich etwa?
To see, hear or understand.
Make away vi adv make off make away with vi adv prep ( kill ) indisk porno live streaming far fuori, togliere di mezzo make for vi prep.To make a profit faire des bénéfices to make a loss subir une perte ( cause to become ) to make sb sad rendre qn triste to make sb angry mettre qn en colère to make sb famous rendre qn célèbre to make sth into.Alors, tu y es arrivé aux Etats-Unis, finalement?They've finally made up gratis cam chat piger (their disagreement).I can't make anything of this letter no entiendo nada de lo que pone esta carta, no saco nada en claro de esta carta ; ( give importance to ) I think you're making rather too much caramelkitten live røv porno of what I said creo que le estás.What do you make of him?She's always making up to the teacher by bringing him presents.To cause.
2 and 2 make(s).
Mistä voin soittaa puhelun?
(UK) Chci uskutečnit externí hovor, můžete mě spojit?
They were making out in the back seat.
( write out, cheque, receipt, list ) fare ; ( document ) redigere ; ( form ) riempire, compilare to make out a case for sth presentare delle valide ragioni in favore di.Next week we'll try to make up for lost time.Wie kann ich es Ihnen verständlich machen?; that certainly made him think again das hat ihm bestimmt zu denken gegeben ; what will make you change your mind?To make or break sb essere il successo o la rovina di.Make of vi prep obj halten von; I didnt make much of it ich konnte nicht viel dabei finden ; well, what do you make of that?(UK) Můžete mě ubytovat v hotelu?How are you making out on your pension?To make it ( succeed) es schaffen, es zu etwas bringen ; he just made it er hat es gerade noch geschafft ; weve made it!They are our own make son de nuestra propia marca they have rifles of Belgian make tienen fusiles de fabricación belga to be on the make ( for money ) estar intentando sacar tajada ; ( for power ) ser muy ambicioso ; ( for.